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The purpose of the Comments section is to improve the quality and value of this blog by including comments from the readers that make substantive observations, positive or negative, about my posts. Comments that merely troll, harass, or spam, or that simply fail to rise above my arbitrary and subjective signal-to-noise threshold, are not guaranteed publication. I do not ban trolls, but repeated attempts at trolling are less and less likely to result in the offending comments actually appearing.

Readers who are looking for an open discussion forum are invited to contribute to the
Evangelical Realism Discussion forums
, where the quality controls are not as rigorous (except for spam). Comments that are trollish in nature, or on the borderline between trollish and merely persistent, may be moved to the discussion forums, at my sole discretion, if I have the time and energy to do so. If I don’t, the offending comment will likely not appear anywhere, ever.

I regret that I do not currently have the time and energy to respond individually to each commenter in cases where their comments are not accepted for publication, or to discuss the reasons why the comment was rejected. If you submit a comment, and it does not appear, or if it disappears shortly after being posted, it means that I did not find your comment to be a valuable and significant contribution to the quality of the discussion.

Comments are generally unmoderated, but I reserve the right to put individual commenters on the moderation list if they repeatedly submit comments I judge as trollish, spammy, or otherwise degrading to the signal-to-noise ratio. Attempts to circumvent moderation, to create sock puppets, or to otherwise interfere with comment quality control, will result in blacklisting the offender’s IP address(es).

Thank you.

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