Definition of the day

Anticolonial, adj:
See Uppity.

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4 Responses to “Definition of the day”

  1. Roi des Faux Says:

    I knew he was a woomeister, but that was just batshit insane.

  2. JohnMWhite Says:

    If I had been drinking coffee I would have sprayed it out. Cutting, witty, and so, so to the point. Great post.

  3. Hunt Says:

    D’Souza is moderately intelligent. I’m not sure if he actually believes all the crap that he shovels. For a person like him it must be just like shooting fish in a barrel. Imagine being able to create “intellectual works” that appeal to the nuttiness and comparative ignorance of right-wing America. You merely need to be able to construct a sentence and hit all the right bases. If I had no scruples I’d hack out some deranged tome that would make him look like the picture of sanity. I’d probably be an millionaire overnight.

  4. Modusoperandi Says:

    Anti-colonial means “angry brown men are coming to take your property”*. This is only when a brown person is the anticolonial. When a Real American™ (white, unMuslim, conservative) is, it’s “Founding Fathers! U S A! U S A! U S A!”
    The “Kenyan” that preceeded it is an Atwater Dogwhistle meaning “The Other” (which, by definition, means “not one of us”), a limbic tickle for the Birthers, and it acts as an amplifier for “anti-colonial” (as in “extremely angry brown men are coming to take your property”.

    * …as are “he’s working for reparations”, a previous meme, and “progressive taxation”/”spread the wealth”. So, for that matter, is “Democratic Party”.