Fans of the XFiles Friday series may be interested to know (if they don’t already) that the Daylight Atheism blog has started a series on Lee Stroebel’s book, The Case for a Creator. The first two posts are here and here. As is customary at Daylight Atheism, the writing is excellent (the blog posts, I mean, not the book).

Recommended reading.

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3 Responses to “Competition”

  1. cl Says:

    ( / hiatus ) DD, I think in-depth book review series’ are a great idea. Although I’ve got my own gripes with Strobel, I’m looking forward to seeing what Ebon comes up with. Also, I’m betting you know about Slacktivist’s Left Behind series, always highly recommended for anybody who might not. Lastly, for anyone who might like to see a review series in the other direction, I just critiqued the introduction and preface of David Mills’ Atheist Universe – which Dawkins highly praised in TGD – and will be posting comments and criticisms of the first chapter shortly. ( hiatus )

  2. Parker Says:

    cl, I have to say, while I fundamentally disagree with you, you are an individual which I highly respect. I think your responses are always well thought out and your insights always well thought out and pertinently derived (unlike so many others arguing a samiliar position). It may not seem as much a compliment to you, but you have made me a stronger atheist in my regards to critical thinking and debating. I really can’t wait to hear more from you. Hell, I’d even buy you a drink, good sir.

  3. cl Says:

    ( / hiatus) Thank you, Parker, that was really unexpected, and encouraging. To me, its never been about agreement as much as respect and consistency. I’d concluded that this site was like any other skeptic site, just a bunch of stinky party lines people are too afraid to cross. Your comment challenges this conclusion, and elevates my respect for atheists. Lastly, I’d buy you one back, and knowing me, that would turn into several. We’d probably have a good time. ( hiatus )