God fails again

We’ve all heard from certain evangelical leaders that “the gay lifestyle” is merely a personal—and sinful—choice, and that through prayer and the divine touch of almighty God, gays can be “cured” of making this choice. There’s just one problem with these so-called “restoration programs”: they don’t work.

The evangelist forced out of his job after being caught up in a sex scandal involving a male prostitute has left a “spiritual restoration program” and no longer has any ties to the megachurch he founded, the congregation’s new pastor said Sunday.

Under a severance deal that Ted Haggard reached with the church in 2006, he agreed to leave Colorado Springs and not talk about the scandal publicly. The deal expired at the end of 2007.

Now of course, under the rigged scoring system used by Christians, blame for this failure will be directed at Haggard himself. God is only held accountable for the successes. Meanwhile, gay Christians are saddled with the burden of doing whatever it takes to make it look like God is winning, even if it destroys them inside.

I don’t know where ex-pastor Haggard stands now, but the fact that he bailed out of this so-called “restoration” program a few years early is a hopeful sign. Maybe reality is starting to break through the hard shell of denial? If so, my sympathies go out to him. It’s neither an easy nor a comfortable process.

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One Response to “God fails again”

  1. Modusoperandi Says:

    While I can’t deny that I experienced a small measure of schadenfreude when the original story broke, I just feel sorry for the poor mook now. His wife and their five kids, too.
    The world would be a better place if he (and those of his ilk) didn’t feel forced to deny what he was (whether that involved bisexuality or homosexuality doesn’t really matter). Unfortunately his God seems fixated on what a consenting adult does with his or her crotch with another consenting and his or her crotch.

    Personally, I feel no need to deny my asexuality, no matter how much it drove Moses and Paul to apoplexy. (I reproduce by budding. True story)