Two quotes from Vox Day.

Quote Number One:

[G]iving up or failing to show up in the first place has always been considered to be a concession, especially when the person suddenly falling silent is the sort who never shuts up otherwise. It’s not actually a question of what those predisposed to think well of my arguments will conclude from such a failure to defend one’s arguments, but rather what a normal and unbiased observer is likely to conclude.

Quote Number Two:

I had planned to deal with this guy’s chapter-by-chapter approach once Kelly got through with hers. But, since he’s repeatedly demonstrated a near complete inability to make a coherent rebuttal to anything I’ve written, it’s somewhat of a relief to know that I don’t have to bother.

The first quote is Vox’s response to Kelly’s announcement that she is not abandoning her critique of TIA; the second, from his attempt to justify exactly why he is neither going to respond to my critique nor post any of the allegedly “superior” arguments for God (or gods) that he claims to possess. Draw what conclusions you will.

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4 Responses to “Two quotes from Vox Day.”

  1. B8ovin Says:

    “…a normal and unbiased observer is likely to conclude.”
    The world is crawling with those. They surround Vox. Other people call them sycophants.

  2. valdemar Says:

    How well is this guy’s book selling? Haven’t seen it in any bookshops over here in Little Ol’ England. Maybe it’s just by mail order for US crankdom?

  3. jorgaba Says:

    Not sure how meaningful these are, but here are Amazon sales ranks:

    1,739 – What’s so great about Christianity? – d’Souza
    2,708 – The Devil’s Delusion — Berlinski
    5141 – I don’t Have enough Faith to be an atheist – Geisler & Turek
    10,606 – The Dawkins Delusion — McGrath
    22,769 – God’s Undertaker — Lennox
    37,918 – TIA — Vox Day
    148,237 – The Truth Behind the New Atheism — Marshall

    165 — the God Delusion
    402 — God is not Great
    1519 — Letter to a Christian Nation
    3481 — End of Faith
    3831 — God, the Failed Hypothesis

  4. merkur Says:

    Valdemar: the book is currently ranked 106,010 in the listings. That’s… quite amusing. What’s more interesting is that it’s listed in “Atheism” on both .com and It’s interesting to me that there are *so few* books on atheism that the list is padded out by *so many* apologetics (such as Day and D’Souza).

    The media coverage of atheism is disproportionate to the output, and that’s what really worries these fellows – the attention that the current crop of atheists have gained. The problem for atheists is that there isn’t actually that much to say about atheism, so we’re unlikely to see many more books on the subject.

    Once an atheist has explained their position (I was surprised that Dawkins managed to eke out an entire book), it’s pretty much done – unlike Day, who will probably be churning out adolescent pop theology (God is, like, a game designer!) until the rapture.