Dramatic drop in UK crime

BBC News is reporting that gang violence is about to drop precipitously. Or, well, at least, that’s what we can look forward to. The report states that the Brits have gotten so sick of the gangs that they’ve finally done something about it. They’ve asked God to stop it.

More than 6,000 Christians have met for an evening of prayer focusing on gang crime in Greater Manchester.

Police chiefs, community leaders and politicians attended the event at Manchester Velodrome, organised by church group City Links.

They were asked to pray for police forces and the reduction of gang crime.

…Chief Superintendent Neil Wain [said] “…By working and praying together to reduce crime and disorder we not only change the physical circumstances that affect people’s everyday lives but we change the spiritual circumstances.

“As a police officer and a Christian I know that this work can and will impact on our communities.”

Just keep watching those crime rate charts: the gang violence rate is going to plunge dramatically any minute now.

Aaaaannnnnny minute now….

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnny minute….

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One Response to “Dramatic drop in UK crime”

  1. GaySolomon Says:

    Cause and correlation are often confused in the minds of many people. I suppose that is a common enough error to which we are all sometimes prone.

    Nevertheless, I find it interesting that U.K. Christians are about to pray for something which the Home Office in Britain indicates is already on the decline.

    A link to general crime statistics for England and Wales can be found here: