Witches terrorize Christians in CAR

Mission Network News is reporting that Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR) are being terrorized by witches.

Area witches reportedly have the power to kill and cause tremendous physical suffering, besides terrorizing the community. The government routinely imprisons accused witches, but prison walls cannot contain their power.

Witchcraft is common in the Central African Republic. According to the CIA, 25% of the population is Protestant and 25% is Roman Catholic, but the Christian population is heavily influenced by animistic religion.

Local officials have responded to this threat by “saturating” the region with the JESUS film, a particularly potent voodoo that has, in many cases, suppressed the free will of the witches to the point that they’ve magically transformed into Christians. Meanwhile, the government continues to imprison witches—in jails, not movie theatres. Because if you… I mean, when they… I mean, well heck, I don’t know why.

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