Vox Day defends “Expelled: No Intelligents Allowed”

The inimitable Vox Day indulges in a bit of gloating over this complaint by PZ Myers:

If the producers of Expelled are so confident that they can make a strong case of conspiracy against scientists, then before they start showing this to uninformed politicians, they ought to screen it before scientists and historians and philosophers of science, who will be able to judge it on its merits.

Vox’s answer?

Because, PZ, as we’ve already seen with TIA, whenever someone does make a strong case against secular scientists or atheists, these self-proclaimed champions of intellectual discourse suddenly go silent and try to pretend they’ve never heard of it.

Um, yeah. The reason Ben Stein refuses to let qualified scientists review his film is because doing so would silence his critics.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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One Response to “Vox Day defends “Expelled: No Intelligents Allowed””

  1. chigliakus Says:

    The hilarious trailer for the film does a pretty good job of discrediting it. You’d think that if Ben was going to use climate change denial myths that have already been debunked he’d at least have the good sense to leave them out of the trailer.