Bush foreign policy “a bomb”: Chuck Colson

George W. Bush, America’s born-again Christian president, with God’s help and conservative Christian support, is pursuing a foreign policy that has even staunch conservatives like Chuck Colson dismayed and alarmed:

Last month, the president announced his intention to sell Saudi Arabia some of our most sophisticated weapons. This is a bad idea, and you should let your representative know it right away…

[T]he Saudis do not need this kind of “persuasion.” They already have a good reason: Their oil is controlled by a Shiite minority that Iran, also Shiite, could exploit.

Then there is the nature and actions of the Saudi regime. Defense expert Frank Gaffney, Jr. reminded Washington Times readers this week of what the deal’s proponents hope they will forget: The Saudis are not a “reliable ally” of the United States.

The Saudi government funds and operates “mosques, madrassas, and Islamic centers” in the United States and elsewhere. These institutions spread the Salafist, or Wahabi, version of Islam practiced in the kingdom—the same kind that prohibits the practice of Christianity, that lets girls burn to death rather than letting them exit a burning building in their pajamas.

What’s more, it is the version of Islam that inspires bin Laden and other extremists and seeks to dominate other, more moderate, versions of Islam and destroy non-Muslim nations like ours. Without Saudi petro-dollars, Salafism would be confined to the Arabian peninsula.

We ought to recall also that Saudi Arabia has never recognized Israel’s right to exist. While it is difficult to imagine what good JDAMs would do against al Qaeda or the kingdom’s restive Shiites, it is easy to imagine how they could be used against Israel.

Or us, for that matter. It is common knowledge that Saudi security and intelligence forces contain al Qaeda sympathizers. Saudi intelligence files were found on al Qaeda computers in Afghanistan. It is not a stretch to imagine some of these weapons finding their way into terrorists’ hands and not unreasonable to fear that these weapons might one day be used against us.

But what’s a little terrorism between oil buddies like Bush and the Saudis, eh?

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3 Responses to “Bush foreign policy “a bomb”: Chuck Colson”

  1. PalMD Says:

    Perhaps I misread his somewhat muddled writing, but did he say that Saudis were Shiaa? Because they just aren’t. Wahabism is a branch of Suni Islam, al Qaeda is a largely Suni movement.

    Iran is, indeed, a Shiite nation.

    The two branches of Islam do not get along all that well.

  2. The Professor Says:

    No, he was saying a Shiite minority controls the oil in Saudi Arabia, and therefore the Suni majority already has a good motivation for wanting to contain Iranian influence. But you’re certainly right about the conflict between Suni and Shia. It’s as bad as Catholics and Protestants have ever been, and possibly worse.

  3. bacopa Says:

    I’v gotta say I agree with Chuck C on this one, though some of the more conspritorial elements of his essay put me off. Saudi Arabia is not the kind of place we should be arming. Oh, but wait, they gots Teh Oilz. I only hope that we put little bugs in the chips in those JDAMS so we can turn off the guidance if we need to.

    Maybe we’ll all be driving around little electric cars fueled off a grid charged by fusion reactors. I used to think fusion was a pipe dream. But a plasma physics dude on KPFT’s “New Capital Show” got me thinking it had a chance