Bad news, ladies

Kay Hymowitz has an article about the modern phenomenon of single young men remaining in a lingering adolescent bachelorhood, in contrast to men of the same age 50 years ago who more typically had a home, a wife, and a family. Today’s young woman seems to be accomplishing more, and showing greater maturity and responsibility, which kinda makes the males look bad. But Vox Day knows just what to do about the situation: blame women for the way young men behave when given freedom of choice.

There was no shortage of women who didn’t like it when men were responsible for everything. They wanted to vote, they wanted to work, they are demanding a turn to take the reins. Fine, says the modern young man, who has been subjected to 16 years of feminist propaganda that women are just as good – better, in fact – than men at pretty much everything. Not being given to whining and being largely practical, the young man is happy to leave the responsibility to the women who are demanding it. Who in their right mind would trade models, games and football for marriage to some controlling bitch who’s as likely to leave you as not?

The bad news, ladies, is that Mr. Day, sterling specimen of manhood, is married, and thus no longer available. Ouch, eh?

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3 Responses to “Bad news, ladies”

  1. chigliakus Says:

    “Today’s young woman seems to be accomplishing more, and showing greater maturity and responsibility, which kinda makes the males look bad.”

    Usually I’m in complete agreement with what you have to say on this blog, I’ve enjoyed reading since I came across a link to your analysis of the marine knocking out the athiest professor. I’m surprised you so wholeheartedly agree with this sociologist’s semi-coherent, internally inconsistent rant. Reproduction seems to be a pretty low bar for maturity, but she seems to be unaware of her assumption that the ultimate goal in life is to have kids. I really don’t understand why this article is making so many men so angry, Mr. Day being a perfect example. I turn 30 this year, I own a home, I rent rooms to two friends, one who married young and had his marriage fail, one whom I roomed with in college. I’m happy with my life and wouldn’t change a thing. Her assumption that shopping for baubles is mature whereas playing video games is not is quite telling. I just find it amusing when some baby boomer can’t grok society anymore, she may as well be railing against “those damn kids and their baggy jeans”.

  2. The Professor Says:

    Actually, I was more summarizing the article than agreeing with it. I just wanted to set the context for Mr. Day’s remarks. But you’re quite right: the original article ought to be taken with a big grain of salt too. There may be some truth in her observations, but I rather doubt she has presented us with the whole picture, or highlighted the most cogent details.

  3. prazzie Says:

    “Not being given to whining and being largely practical, the young man…”

    They must make young men differently over in Vox Day country.

    “Yeah, I got married, but only because I got lucky and met a woman who looks like a VS model and is fine with the cyborgs and NFL as long as I keep it to what she considers a reasonable 12/7.”


    I assume that when Mrs Day starts to age and look like a real human, he’ll have to trade her in for a younger VS look-alike. I’m surprised that with this attitude, Mrs Day doesn’t encourage her husband to play games and watch football the entire 24/7.

    As for the original article, extended male immaturity is nothing new. Throughout literature, we find stories about mothers fretting over their bachelor sons who simply refuse to settle down and take a wife, preferring to play games with their male friends, such as hunting and gambling. Jane Austen tales thrived on such characters, as did Oscar Wilde’s.

    Coco Chanel said “As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!” and Woody Allen confirmed this when he said “Basically my wife was immature. I’d be at home in the bath and she’d come in and sink my boats.”