Stem-Cell Paranoia By Chuck Colson

No one can exploit science quite as gleefully as those who hate it. Writing for, Chuck Colson serves up a typical example. Did you know that stem cell researchers had two goals? And that neither goal involved actually finding cures for diabetes, spinal cord injuries, or other disorders? But let’s let Chuck explain what he thinks the real reasons for the research are.

The first was political. As one liberal pundit put it, “embryonic stem cells, of course, were supposed to cure America of its affection for the religious right.” For many politicians, embryonic stem-cell research was a “wedge issue.” Its goal was not to conquer disease but, instead, to put pro-life Americans on the defensive, depicting them as uncaring fanatics. There is no reason to think that our opponents are going to stop trying to use the stem-cell issue against us even after this announcement.

That’s right. Christopher Reeves wasn’t trying to get himself out of that wheelchair, he just wanted to put pro-life Christians on the defensive. Why should he care about regaining the use of his arms and legs? What’s the ability to walk compared to the opportunity to make pro-lifers look like fanatics? (As if that were hard!)

The second motivation is worldview: specifically, “scientism,” the belief that scientific investigation is the only means of knowledge—that scientists can get answers to everything, including philosophy and morality.

Yeah, take that you dumb scientists. Shame on you for looking for answers instead of just sitting back and waiting for God to miraculously reveal to some pastor (or prison fellowship leader) how to cure diabetics and quadriplegics. I mean, look at how much we’ve already achieved by sitting back and waiting, compared to what science has accomplished by doing some actual work and finding the real-world causes and cures.

Yes, you’re right, Chuck. It is all about you. Nobody really wants to find a cure for incurable injuries and diseases, they’re all just obsessed with you and your little religion, and it’s only jealousy that makes them pretend to want to help the sick and suffering.


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