Some good stuff at last

I am delighted to see Anthony Horvath posting some genuinely worthwhile material over at the Christian Apologetics blog. Since I’ve been critical of some of his posts in the past, it’s only fair that I draw everyone’s attention to his triumphs as well.

I wanted to gather in one spot a handful of interviews with Pullman. I have to imagine that there is a list somewhere with them, but I could not find them. They all make for interesting reading and I have drawn some excerpts from them.

The rest of the post consists of Pullman interviews and they are indeed interesting reading, especially his reactions to Narnia (which I used to love when I was I Christian–I’d read through one book in one sitting and then sigh and think, “Now why can’t the real Jesus be more like Aslan?”). Anyway, highly recommended reading, so be sure and stop by.

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