CAM on NBC’s Heroes

Here’s another fun post from Anthony Horvath, this time tackling the insidious atheistic agenda he sees as lying behind the NBC TV show Heroes.

In this series, we are given to believe that evolutionary processes have allowed a class of people to emerge with special gifts like mind reading, flying, instantaneous regrowth, memory stealing, time travel, etc. But at no point does the series try to explain how exactly a genetic mutation can allow a human to fly.

And guess what? Atheists have the exact same objection to the whole “magic mutant” genre (X-Men, etc). But that doesn’t stop Horvath from trying to imply that the whole thing is a sneaky atheist plot.

We have here the curious mental exercise of imagining that evolution can produce literally any phenomena we might imagine- including what would otherwise have been described as supernatural- while not bothering to explain what the actual mechanism is in terms of the laws of physics.

It is almost as if we are being prepped to be direct witnesses to a miracle and yet still prefer a naturalistic explanation (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12).

Yes, you read that right. NBC produced the TV series Heroes as part of an atheistic plot to brainwash people into believing that the Antichrist’s miracles are the result of evolution.

Wait, what??

There are all sorts of interesting questions lurking behind all of this but the series lacks one critical element that would help diffuse the idea that we’re just being given atheistic propaganda:  a devout and intelligent and educated theist to serve as a counter-weight and counter-explanation to rival other explanations offered in the series.

As with the Hitler zombie, atheists get tagged with the blame just because some non-scientist makes a muddled and groundless appeal to the dreaded “E” word. No accusation is too ludicrous to hurl at the unbeliever. Does bad science show up on a prime-time TV show? It must be a bunch of people who don’t believe in the Bible, working hard to prepare for the end-time events predicted by the Scriptures that they don’t believe! Yeah, that’s it–in order to prepare the world to bow down and worship the Antichrist for the signs and wonders he’s going to perform, they brainwash people into believing that there’s absolutely nothing miraculous or divine about the miracles he’s going to work. It’s just all so obvious.

Sheesh. No wonder this guy doesn’t want to get into any serious discussion of apologetics.

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